Did you know that Star Fox is celebrating its 30th anniversary next week? Believe it or not, Feb. 21st, 2023 marks the 30th birthday of Fox and the rest of the Star Fox crew. In honor of the upcoming anniversary, a developer absolutely crucial to the series has put together a special video feature.

Q-Games CEO Dylan Cuthbert was one of the lead programmers on both Star Fox and Star Fox 2, and Q-Games later went on to develop both Star Fox Command and Star Fox 64 3DS. The history of the series is one that’s very close to those at Q-Games.

In honor of the anniversary, Q-Games sat down with Dylan for commentary on a full playthrough of the game, where he shares technical information, development stories and never-before-heard details on creating the classic SNES title.

He also answers questions submitted by fans of the series, reminisces on his time with Nintendo and shares hilarious anecdotes on his time working with Miyamoto and the team at the Nintendo office.

The video clocks in at 42+ minutes, but it’s an absolutely must-watch for those who have even a passing fancy in the Star Fox franchise.

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