Jumbo-sized Wailord plush now available to pre-order via Pokémon Center

Might need to build an addition on your house for this one

18 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

As the Pokémon brand gears up for exciting Pokémon Day (2/27) celebrations, some exciting, and BIG news has been shared. Pre-orders are now open for the larger-than-life, “Jumbo size” Wailord plush!

With Wailord being one of the largest Pokémon, the new Wailord Poké Plush is a showstopper with its life-sized features – it’s one-tenth the size of an actual Wailord! Perfect for fans of the brand or plush collectors, the Pokémon Center exclusive “Jumbo size” Wailord plush is the ultimate comfy Poké pal.

Head over to PokemonCenter.com now to pre-order your very own Wailord Poké Plush today. Available in limited quantities, the plush will ship out later this year beginning on November 2. This plush is priced at $420.

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