Nyx, Queen of the Abyss emerges in the Realm to kick off Season 6 of Paladins. Utilizing her dark powers, she won’t stop until the entire Realm falls to her machinations. Play the newest Frontline in Paladins arriving with the Season 6: Emergence update in February.

In the far past, Nyx was once a Pyre Lord, working alongside Azaan and others in the seemingly eternal fight against the chaotic Abyss. Over time, she found herself disillusioned with the ways of the Pyre and their rigid controlling dogmas – so content to throw away countless lives in their endless wars. She would show the Pyre the power of freedom, true freedom.

Approached by the one who would eventually be known as Seris, they devised a plan for Nyx to begin her great betrayal. Nyx left the Pyre behind and traveled through one of Seris’ portals into a Lord’s fortress. Once there Nyx slew and subdued all who stood in her way in a violent bloodbath. Even the residing Lord was no match for her fury, their name lost to time – cementing Nyx as an Abyssal Lord. Her time in the Abyss has changed her physically, but she remains determined to bring a new age of chaos and freedom to the Realm. With her growing army behind her, she offers power to those who will accept it: a united front through strength and the chaos of free will – a force strong enough to overwhelm the Pyre wholly.

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