We’re not quite sure how it made its way onto the internet, but a new ad for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie has made its way online. While this spot features a lot of footage we’ve already seen, there are also some brand-new reveals as well.

First up, we have a confirmation that Tostarena from Super Mario Odyssey will be featured in the movie. We don’t have any details on how it fits into the film or how much the location will be showcased, but it’s nice to know Odyssey will get a nod!

Along with that, it also appears that Super Mario 64 will get some love as well. A location that looks extremely similar to Bob-omb Battlefield is shown, and it takes a ton of inspiration from the opening area of the level.

Finally, the ad also features a short-but-sweet clip of Cranky Kong speaking. Give the video above a watch to hear it!

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