Those waiting on AEW Fight Forever have been putting up with a lot over the last few months. The game’s release date just keeps slipping, and it looks like the the February 2023 release also won’t come together. As we’ve mentioned before, a lot of the issues came from THQ wanting to secure a T for Teen rating for the game, but it kept getting stamped with an M for Mature.

In recent weeks, we learned that THQ finally got the Teen rating, which is a big step in getting the game out the door. AEW’s Kenny Omega recent spoke on the Swerve City Podcast podcast about the game, mentioning that it’s indeed still coming, and he also touched on the ratings issue.

“It’s totally coming out [laughs]. I’m not sure how much we had to scale it back, but man, I loved it. You could make the ring look like a murder scene if you wanted to. I just hope there is still some way to get a semblance of that. I hope we don’t dumb it down too much. It was fun. It’s what we get every week on TV anyway. It could gory, but no one is getting dismembered, no one is dying. Maybe it could look that way if you beat someone up that bad.”

[Kenny Omega]

Omega voiced some frustrating about the game having to go with a Teen rating, but also mentioned how the game continuously missing its release is going to mean the roster will be further out of date as well.

“It does suck that the rating has held us back a little bit because we really wanted to get it out. The longer the time goes by, this finished product that we have of a game is just going to be a little dated. A lot of the same people are going to be there and are there, but some aren’t, and you’re going to wonder why I’ve seen this guy on TV for weeks, why isn’t he in the game? It’s because the game has been done, but we’ve had to try to get our game in a position to be rated so that we can sell it. Now, I can positively say that we’re headed back into a right direction. The fun and zany stuff that I was able to implement, I hope people have fun with it. I think the game really shines when you can do the crazy stuff, but if you want to have serious bare-bones wrestling match, you can definitely wrestle the way you want to and it will look that way, but if you want to do crazy stuff and want to ride around on a skateboard and do a dropkick, you can do it. There is fun stuff like that implemented.”

[Kenny Omega]

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