Metroid Prime Remastered is an absolutely stellar achievement, giving a timeless game a fresh coat of paint along with new ways to play. Unfortunately, it also seems to have included a bug from the game’s initial release.

The debut of Metroid Prime on GameCube was incredibly well received, but a number of players discovered a glitch that essential makes it impossible to complete the game. Long story short, if you leave the room where the Artifact of Warrior spawns after the Phazon Elite mini boss without picking it up, the Artifact will be gone when you return. This makes it impossible to access the final area.

This bug was in the North American release of Metroid Prime back in the day, but was remedied for the European release (and later NA copies). It appears Metroid Prime Remastered is a bit too faithful to the original North American release, as this bug has reared its ugly head once again. Thankfully, nowadays Nintendo can just cook up a patch and update the game through the internet. There’s no doubt that’s being worked on now, and we’ll let you know when the update is live.


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This is why you should pull from the latest code branch :)


1+ y ago

Also true to the Trilogy version of Prime 1, you can't shatter Ice Troopers with missiles after you freeze them. While that's not nearly as bad as the Artifact glitch, it's still annoying.



1+ y ago


This is why you do your research before making articles. The OP of the Reddit thread confirmed he was mistaken (had the rooms mixed up or something) after someone else mentioned that this bug isn't in the Remastered version.


1+ y ago


turns out this isn't actually true, the OP in the reddit post was mistaken

check the source again