There’s so much in the way of new contnet heading to Splatoon 3 soon that it’ll make your head spin. Fresh off the announcement of the Expansion Pass and Fresh Season, we get a sneak peek at returning outfits, a new co-op challenge and so much more that’s coming to the game soon.

First up, Z+F is a new clothing brand that came about through the merging of Firefin and Zekko. Z+F will focus on creating streetwear with an appreciation for hip hop and skateboarding. You can check out some of their fresh duds in the video above, along with other banners, seasonal gear and more on the way.

The Z+F brand will also be cooking up some weapons as well, and you can see the breakdown of what’s been revealed below.

Z+F Splat Charger

  • comes with Splash Wall (Sub) and Triple Inkstrike (Special)
  • variant of the Splat Charger
  • the Splash Shield protects against weapons that have a longer range than your
  • use the Splash Shield to hide yourself while launching a devastating attack

Z+F Splatterscope

  • comes with Splash Wall (Sub) and Triple Inkstrike (Special)
  • variant of the Splatterscope created in collaboration with the Ezzocoli brand

Those who love Salmon Run also have something to look forward to with the Eggstra Work special event. In this mode, your team’s goal is to take on a fixed shift scenario and try to collect the most Golden Eggs. The first Eggstra Work event will kick off sometime in April 2023, and it will include 5 waves. If you manage to emerge victorious, you’ll get a commemorative sticker with a design based on your rank.

Lastly, expect the new Season to offer more rewards for you to spend your Fish Scales on.


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