Shigeru Miyamoto has had a hand in all sorts of amazing games over the years, and has no doubt cemented his spot as one of the biggest and best game developers to ever come about. That’s why it’s a little surprising to hear he hasn’t done too much in the way of game development in recent years.

In an interview with GameSpot, Nintendo general manager of the entertainment planning division Shinya Takahashi was talking at length about Super Nintendo World. During that discussion, Takahashi revealed that Super Nintendo World’s creation actually took Miyamoto away from game development quite considerably for a few years.

I think for a few years that Mr. Miyamoto was not super heavily involved in some of our software development, and the reason why is because he was working his butt off trying to get this stuff (Super Nintendo World) done. But I do think it really was a true collaboration. There was direction coming from Mr. Miyamoto to the Universal creative team. The Universal creative team were coming back with ideas of their own. And again, in that way I think we did see a really unique collaboration process between the two companies.

[Shinya Takahashi, general manager of the entertainment planning division at Nintendo]

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1+ y ago

That hasn’t been a bad thing imo. Allowed other creatives room to grow.