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21 February 2023
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Today, five more iconic Planeswalkers have traveled to the mythological battleground as incredible God skins.

  • Teferi the chronarch becomes Chronos, Keeper (and manipulator) of Time
  • Vivien Reid, born for the hunt and aided by creatures of the wild, becomes Artemis with her loyal boar
  • An anonymous swordswoman but actually the rightful ruler of Kamigawa, the Wandering Emperor is Mulan
  • Nissa Revane is the Egyptian Goddess of Magic Eset
  • Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God, is Tiamat – and maybe he always has been, considering their striking resemblance

The monstrous Manticore King Martichoras has officially become the latest SMITE Hunter.

A figure from both mythology and SMITE’s own history, Martichoras was the first-ever tutorial boss in the game, known as the Manticore. He was then featured in cosmetics, maps, and even in an April Fool’s joke video. Ten years later, he has now returned as Martichoras, The Manticore King, to claim revenge – much like Surtr, the Fire Giant, for the launch of this Season of Monsters last month.

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