Just last week, we found out that The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story is making its way to Switch. That reveal gave us a tiny taste of the game in a sizzle reel, but today brings us the official teaser trailer for the title. Check it out above!

Developed by Digital Sun, creators of Moonlighter, The Mageseeker is a 2D pixel, gritty action RPG set in Demacia, a mighty kingdom in the world of Runeterra that seeks to curtail what it deems as forbidden magic while wielding magic themselves to maintain order. Play as Sylas, an escaped mage whose quest for vengeance will shatter Demacia’s deceptive peace - a peace built with the blood and sweat of mages. The Mageseeker provides an action-packed fantasy gameplay experience for those looking to experience a story of power, identity, and justice.

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