Today, FRAGRANT STORY (Nintendo 3DS) gets a small v1.1 patch that was originally scheduled for 2022. Coming soon, a much larger v1.2 patch containing a free DLC expansion called PAPAYA’S PATH.

For the upcoming expansion, developer William Kage invited his previous guest contributors to return, and some new guests including Chris Sarandon voicing the first new villain. This large expansion is estimated to be released before the Nintendo 3DS eShop closure date of 3/27* and will remain available for download even after the shop closes.

*Exact dates are TBA, but every effort will be made to deliver this as soon as possible.

When can I download this stuff?

  • Small bugfix v1.1 begins today.
  • Large expansion v1.2 is coming soon.

What’s in the v1.2 patch?

Can I get a preview?

Why the heck did this take so long?

Papaya’s Path Features:

  • Multiple new story campaigns (incl. cutscenes)
  • Many new challenge battles
  • New characters, abilities, and equipment
  • New enemies, bosses, and terrain
  • World map showing battlefield locations
  • Significantly expanded soundtrack

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