Nintendo has been sharing a deluge of Splatoon 3 details in recent days, and they’re back today with yet another wave of fresh information.

First up, we learn that Spring 2023 Fresh Season will introduce a brand new stage: Um’ami Ruins. It’s an ancient site with mysterious artifacts and reliefs, some retaining original colors. Could it have been a prehistoric Turf War battle site? You can get a look at the new location in the video above.

After that, we get a look at two new weapons: the L-3 Nozzelnose D and the Rapid Blaster Deco. The L-3 Nozzlenose D comes with Burst Bomb (Sub) and Ultra Stamp (Special), while the Rapid Blaster Deco comes with Torpedo (Sub) and Inkjet (Special). You can also get a look at those weapons in the video above.


Next up, Nintendo revealed Pools, a new feature that can be used in the Lobby and Grizzco Industries. Anyone can join one by inputting a unique set of letters or characters, letting you send and receive notifications with others in your Pool, and even invite them to join a battle. Think of this as a sort of password, so if you enter “Turf War Heroes,” you’ll join a Pool with other players who have entered the same.

Finally, Deep Cut will be expanding the Anarchy Splatcast with special updates straight from the front lines of Splatfests. Win a 10x Battle, and you could be on the news!


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