Indie developer Sidebar Games has shared a list of patch notes for the upcoming Version 1.0.5 update for Sports Story. You can check out the full patch notes below. Please note that there is no release date yet for this update, and details are subject to change.

Secret Dev Room

  • Secret Dev Room 80% Removed.
  • Secret Dev Room secret access patched.
  • Restored regular access to the secret dev room.


  • Fixed a fishing bug that made the player float into the air.
  • Updated context for Wildlands trash challenge.
  • Some multiplayer golfing issues have been addressed
  • Fixed a few places the player could become stuck while exploring
  • Save file load muddling issue fixed.
  • Perfect golf hits are rewarded with a distinctive sound.
  • Golf power shot hits a bit further.
  • Rustling Vale chipping challenges will stick around after leaving the area.

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