The latest update for Little Noah: Scion of Paradise is now available on Switch. We don’t know the actual version number for this update, but we do have the full patch notes. See what’s included in it below.


Addition of VERY HARD Mode

This option will be available upon completing the game, along with VERY HARD+ and VERY HARD++ difficulties upon additional completions.

Playable Zipper

Upon completing the game, the option to select Zipper will be unlocked in the Avatars menu.

When playing as Zipper, the following changes will be made to gameplay:

  • Initial Lilliputs will be randomized.
  • Zipper has less HP and is unable to use potions.
  • Zipper has increased movement speed and jumping power, along with the ability to perform a double jump.
  • Dashing grants invincibility for a brief moment after startup.
  • Aether Thrust has an increased number of hits, but inflicts less damage.
  • Activating Avatar Burst briefly grants invincibility and reduces cooldown time between Aether Thrusts.

Toggle Airship Facilities On and Off

Airship facilities along with the appearance of Lilliputs and accessories can be toggled off to tweak gameplay difficulty. Once airship repairs reach 30%, you will be able to access these settings in the Customize Game menu from the Airship. When an Airship facility is restricted, its effects won’t apply to Noah; restricting the appearance of Lilliputs and Accessories will cause them to not appear during expeditions. Airship repairs won’t be affected while these options are in effect, so feel free to experiment with them to your liking.

Text Adjustments

Some adjustments have been made to in-game text.


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