Pix’n Love, The Arcade Crew, independant developer JoyMasher and Just For Games are today happy to announce an upcoming physical edition for the retro-inspired action game Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider.

Just For Games will be distributing this physical edition in Europe, available starting June 2nd, 2023 on Switch.

A tribute to the action/arcade games of the 1990s, full of winks and references to the great hits of the time, Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider offers an atypical game experience that looks like a trip back in time. Using the fundamental mechanics of the genre and a production in the purest tradition of 16-bit spirit, JoyMasher’s title is the result of a stunning know-how. With its sumptuous realization, its evolving weapons, its imposing gallery of enemies, its gigantic bosses and its thundering soundtrack, Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider ranks among the most striking neo-retro productions of its generation.

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