You might remember that a few weeks back, there were quite a few countries within Europe that would be see the release of the Super Mario Bros. animated movie in March. Just today, Universal Studios has updated the release date for the film throughout Europe, and all of the dates have been shifted to April.

We’re not quite sure what caused the shift in release dates, other than the desire to align things better with the rest of the world, but there are now a bunch of different April dates for the film throughout Europe. You can see the updated release date list below, courtesy of Videogames Chronicle.

  • Belgium – April 5 (previously March 22)
  • France – April 5 (previously March 29)
  • New Zealand – April 5 (previously March 30)
  • Italy – April 6 (unchanged)
  • Switzerland – April 6 (previously March 23)
  • Austria – April 6 (previously March 24)
  • Brazil – April 6 (previously March 30)
  • United States – April 7 (unchanged)
  • United Kingdom – April 7 (previously March 30)
  • Sweden – April 7 (previously March 24)
  • Japan – April 28 (previously March 27)
  • Australia – April (previously March 30)
  • Mexico – soon (previously March 24)
  • Argentina – soon (previously April 6)

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1+ y ago

Not to be a self-centered American but I genuinely prefer a simultaneous-ish launch so there's less risk of leaks coloring people's perceptions out of context. Let filmgoers decide how worthy it is, not very online gossip-mongers and memelords. Sucks for Japan, though.


1+ y ago

So that's why I thought it was March, cause it was actually in March at first. But this changed happened locally a while ago.