The latest issue of Famitsu has a little something to get The Legend of Zelda fans salivating, as it gives a slight tease of things to come in the series’ next big installment.

The print ad, which you can see above, features a destroyed version of the Master Sword. There’s no doubt we’re going to learn all about what happens to the Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom, but the print ad itself leaves us with a few tantalizing lines to keep us thinking up to launch day.

In particular, the print ad mentions “The master sword, corrupted,” followed by a line that says the Master Sword’s appearance “will undergo a major transformation.” Does that refer to the version we see above, or a completely different look to come as the Master Sword is restored?

We lave the speculation up to you, and there’s only a few months left to figure things out!

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1+ y ago

In Tears of the Kingdom, the special power of the Master Sword is that it gives enemies tetanus!


1+ y ago

They're gonna turn Link into Luke Skywalker by making the Master Sword a lightsaber...before Disney completely destroyed him because Kathleen Kennedy loves herself so much and Rian Johnson wanted to SUBVERT EXPECTATIONS like Yoshio Sakamoto did with Metroid Other M. Yes, I will always bring it back to that.


1+ y ago

Masterswords tie in to the twilight realm, thats also explorable in the new title, making a efficient dark world version of the botw world is my prediction from when the logo was shown (as the title were aparently giving away something big acording to interviews).


1+ y ago

I think in it’s ‘restoration’ it might take on the ability to morph in context-sensitive situations. It’s also interesting to think about what has become of both Fi and Demise whose essences are within the blade to a degree (way more of Fi). Are they wounded/altered/fractured? Has Demise been freed from the blade? Was that part of the goal?


1+ y ago

It’ll be all better if I wait 10 mins right?!


1+ y ago


Holy crap how Disney is killing everything they own these days... That last SW movie as a disgrace.