Greeting guys and ghouls! Today, indie horror publisher DreadXP has some devilishly exciting news: two of their previously ported Switch titles, Sucker for Love: First Date and Iron Lung, are now on sale for 15% off on the Switch eShop for a limited time.

Released in 2022, Sucker for Love: First Date is the critically acclaimed Eldritch-waifu dating simulator born from the mind of independent developer AkaBaka. Starring a trio of bubbly Eldritch goddesses, players must successfully romance each while paying attention to their own unique personalities and menacing auras. Survive the many trials of Sucker for Love: First Date, put the “love” back into “Lovecraftian horror” in a cataclysmic quest to obtain a smooch.

Sucker for Love: First Date is available now at a 15% discount on Switch.

Described as “one of the most terrifying games I have ever played” by Vice Waypoint and “brilliant” by Destructoid, David Szymanski’s Iron Lung was self-published for Windows PC in March 2022. The game is a short, dread-driven experience set many years after an event called The Quiet Rapture erased all hospitable planets from existence. Players embark on a journey into a newly discovered ocean of blood on an alien moon. In a claustrophobic one-man submarine, they’ll plunge the depths of the blood ocean and photograph their findings in search for any trace of remaining natural resources… and hope that whatever lives below doesn’t find them.

Iron Lung is available now for a 15% discount on Switch.

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