NIntendo continues to reveal all sorts of exciting updates and tweaks in the works for Splatoon 3, and today brings us news of the Tableturf Battle mini-game going online!

Tableturf Battle is going to move into the online areana through a special area on the second floor of the Lobby. You’ll be able to create a room for friends or Pool users, and then fight it out online in Tableturf Battle. One room can accommodate up to 10 people, and those who come in can either play or spectate. You can also find this addition in The Shoal, but this limits play to 8 people. Finally, 23 new cards will be added to Tableturf Battle, including cards featuring Deep Cut and Inkopolis favorites.


Next up, Nintendo revealed that 2023 Spring Fresh Season will introduce a Jukebox to the Lobby. If you pay 100G, you’ll be able to change the music that plays in the Lobby. The song you pick will also play for friends in your private lobby.

Finally, two more weapons were revealed. You can get notes on each weapon via the tweets below.

  • Tri-Slosher Nouveau (Sub: Fizzy Bomb / Special: Tacticooler)
  • Neo Sploosh-o-matic (Sub: Squid Beakon / Special: Killer Wail 5.1)

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