The latest Switch firmware update bumped the Switch up to Version 16.0.0, and Nintendo was rather light on the official patch notes. Thankfully, dataminers have shared a bit more insight into what the update does.

As has happened a few times in the past, this patch has added another round of banned words to the ever-growing list. Dataminer Oatmealdome did some digging to see what Nintendo has banned this time around, and you can see the list below.

Newly banned words

  • groomer
  • salv8dor
  • ISIS
  • Adam Lanza
  • Alek Minassian

Previously-banned words that have been adjusted for broader detection

  • ballsack
  • bong
  • chatroulette
  • cocaine
  • jackass
  • n19
  • semen
  • testes

Finally, the word Nazi was moved specifically to the English-language section.


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