Typically in Mario Kart, character choice is not something people put much thought into. While there are definitely different stats for the different character weights ultimately people who casually play Mario Kart will juts pick the character they like most and get by well enough with that.

Some new information brought to light by the Supper Mario Broth Twitter account however, shows that in Mario Kart Super Circuit, that fact isn’t always true.

For those unaware, the Supper Mario Broth Twitter account is known for delivering obscure and interesting information about the Mario Franchise. If you’re a Mario fan who likes learning interesting tidbits we highly suggest giving them a follow.

Anyways, the account recently shared an image that explained certain characters would receive bonus points for their ranking in Mario Kart Super Circuit on GBA, we will link the Tweet below.

If you’ve never played Mario Kart Super Circuit, getting the three star rankings in this game is generally considered to be the hardest it’s ever been in any Mario Kart game so it was quite shocking for people to learn that their character choice could be so crucial.

As far as why the bonus points were distributed this way it seems to be an effort to balance the roster. The characters who received the most bonus points (Bowser, Wario, and DK) are generally seen as harder to control compared to the likes of Yoshi and Toad so this may have been a way to give drivers of those characters a fair shot at victory.

If you want a full breakdown of how this happens we recommend reading FerneuMKSC’s breakdown on GameFAQs which we will link below.

Mario Kart Super Circuit recently became available for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack so that’s probably why this information came to light again. So, if you plan on giving the game a run through sometime soon, maybe pick Bowser to give yourself some help or Yoshi if you have something to prove.

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Yoshi doesn't pay taxes, so he shouldn't get anything.