There was a time when Yo-Kai Watch was on top of the world. The games were selling insanely well, the anime was the biggest cartoon on TV, and merch was flying off store shelves. Sadly, those days have been over for quite some time, and now yet another piece of the series is about to disappear as well.

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino has taken to Twitter to announce that the Yo-Kai Watch anime is going on hiatus. Unfortunately, no explanation for this decision was given, nor do we know if it will ever come back. It was not stated that the anime is ending outright, so hopefully we can expect it to return at some point.

Along with that, Hino shared that he’s working on the next ‘amazing thing’ for the Yo-Kai Watch series, but specifics weren’t shared. All we got was a piece of teaser art with no explanation, which you can see below.


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