Shigeru Miyamoto is no doubt the biggest face at Nintendo. He’s the most well-known name and is the man behind absolutely iconic franchises. The man still has plenty of time left on his tenure at Nintendo, but there will be a day when Miyamoto steps away. What will Nintendo be like when Miyamoto eventually moves on? The man himself has shared some thoughts on the topic.

Miyamoto stopped by NPR for a quick chat about his work, motivations and more. During the interview, Miyamoto was asked what he thought Nintendo would be like when he eventually steps away from the company. You can see Miyamoto’s full comments below.

You know, I really feel like it’s not going to change. It’s probably going to be the same. There’s, you know, people on the executive team, creators within the company and also people who create Mario, they all have this sense of what it means to be Nintendo. And so it’s not like there’s a lot of different opinions that go back and forth. Everyone has an understanding, this kind of shared understanding, of what it is to be Nintendo. And so even when there’s new ideas that come up, there’s always the fact that it’s a new idea, but also the fact that, is it a new idea that really has the essence of Nintendo or not? And I think that’s something that, you know - we have this incredible shared vision, almost a little scary shared vision, about this. So I think there won’t - it’s not going to change.

[Shigeru Miyamoto]

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1y ago

It’ll be a place with fewer upended tables that’s for sure.

I’m not worried about a Nintendo without Miyamoto. He’s been less focused on games and more focused on Theme Parks and Movies in recent years and Nintendo is doing just fine. Games are made of a collaboration of lots of people and are much bigger than just one person nowadays.

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1y ago


The thing is though is some people had been wishing Miyamoto meeting the same fate as Iwata. If not dying due to health, then being fired or resigning/retiring early. All because Paper Mario was taken in a direction that wasn't just a reskinned Thousand Year Door and the fact Miyamoto prefers innovative gameplay to immersive stories (he feels the latter gets in the way of the former).

I hope the movie can prove Miyamoto hasn't burned out even though I realize movies and games are two different things. Nintendo wouldn't be where it's at without Miyamoto, good games and bad.

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1y ago


If people want someone to get fired/forced to quit or even die of cancer because of a game direction then those pricks can go rot in a cave.

Anyways, it's great to see Nintendoes Nintendo. They still keep things fresh and can still take huge risks as with BOTW. Also that they have a shared understanding and than means great team work with a goal, which often leads to quality.
The opposite these days must be Ubisoft. They used to be so darn cool back in the day.

Very curious to see what Nintendo does the coming years. Everything from the enxt system to new IPs as long as they stay Nintendo it should be worth my time and money =)


1y ago


People who think like that are horrible.
I’m not trying to dismiss Miyamotos achievements and career either, in case it came across that way. I just mean that he has built wonders and is in a great position to move on. His creations are in good hands.


1y ago

The ones who would be the most happy about a Miyamoto retirement...are the tea tables. Never again will they have to taste the concrete floors of Nintendo.