Sunset Showdown is Knockout City's final tournament

The sun sets with one more battle

27 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

As we covered earlier in the month, Valen Studios announced that the servers for Knockout City will be shutdown on June 6th of this year. Before that time comes, players will have a chance to get in on one more tournament; Sunset Showdown.

The sun may be setting on the live servers of Knockout City, but there’s one final score to settle in Knockout City: who’s the best, when all is said and done? Get ready, because it’s time to square up for a showdown… and this time, there’s no waiting for midnight.

Sunset Showdown is the epic conclusion to our Midnight Knockout tournament series, a celebrated staple of Knockout City’s competitive scene since Season 3! Brawlers will compete in fierce Team KO battles in North America or Europe to climb the bracket and battle for the biggest prize pool ever. Ready to battle? Read the full details here.

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