New Steve Technique could lead to Competitive Smash Ban

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27 February 2023
by jmaldonado 2

A recent technique discovery could lead to Steve being banned from Competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Play.

For those unaware, Steve has become pretty infamous in the Smash Bros. competitive scene lately due to his unorthodox move-set that helps him greatly outplay other characters. The level of stage control that Steve brings to the table is something the Smash Bros. scene has rarely had to contest with and this new technique may be the straw that breaks the blocky camel’s back.

The new technique (dubbed Phantom MLG) allows Steve to cancel hitstun on any move that doesn’t send him into tumble.

Below is a tweet that demonstrates how to perform the technique.

Full Transparency, I am not a competitive Smash Bros. player, so I couldn’t even begin to attempt to explain what’s going on in the above clip. If you want a more educated breakdown I suggest you read the above Tweet thread or check out the article by Dual Shockers which we will link below.

Anyways, this discovery has made the calls for a Steve ban louder than ever and while some argue that the technique itself should be banned to avoid punishing Steve players others argue that it would be way to difficult to monitor the usage of the technique and it’d be easier to just ban the character.

As stated earlier, I have no horse in this race, but I will say that after Brawl Meta Knight and Smash 4 Bayonetta it’s very funny that the next threat to competitive Smash is Minecraft Steve.

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1y ago

Current day Steve v. Brawl Meta Knight v. un-nerfed Wii U Bayonetta v. Melee Fox

who wins?

Brawl Meta Knight easily.