Innchanted, the cooperative innkeeping game from publisher Twin Sails Interactive and debut Aussie Indie developer DragonBear Studios, will leave you spellbound when it arrives on Switch soon. No specific date has been shared at this time.

Yarrul’s family inn has been stolen by an evil wizard landlord - and it’s up to you to reclaim your family’s legacy! To stop the wizard from claiming the inn for himself, you must pass his challenge: prove who the better innkeeper is! Team up with friends and/or an AI companion to manage and upgrade your inn, brew potions, fish, cook, serve food to hungry customers, discover new recipes, and defend your inn in this magical adventure.

Making this inn a roaring success will be no easy feat. Every day brings new challenges, layouts, adventures, and mechanics to learn in this fantasy adventure inspired by Indigenous Australian tales. You’ll have to navigate your inn’s constant magical changes, overcome the wizard’s nefarious monsters and schemes, and satisfy the infamous Food Critic. But don’t forget that being good innkeepers means charming the locals, fishing sustainably, being kind to others, and helping out your fellow villagers in need!

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