When it comes to Switch ports, there are a decent amount of titles that have to make considerable concessions to run on the platform. Sometimes those tweaks work out, and Switch ends up with a great port. Other times we see decisions made that hurt the experience overall. In the case of Two Point Campus, it sounds like we’ll be getting the former.

In an interview with Vooks, Ben Huskins, the Design Director of Two Point Campus, mentions that the game was built with Switch in mind from the get-go. This should hopefully lead to an experience smooth as silk on Switch. You can read Huskins’ full comments on the matter below.

The plan from the beginning has been to release the game across multiple platforms, so we’ve designed the whole thing with Switch in mind. Our experience bringing Two Point Hospital to consoles really helped here too. We’ve built Campus from the ground up to make sure we can optimize it for all the platforms. We’re also planning to keep updating the game with more content after launch, so we’ll keep optimizing to allow people to build even larger campuses!


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