Among Us has been updated to Version 2023.2.28. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Fun Stuff

Our first collab of the year begins with the Guardian Cosmicube, available on our store for 3500 Beans! This cube is packed full of cosmetics so you can chase Impostors, pet your pets, and complete your tasks as your favorite light-wielding Guardians from our friends at Bungie. Be sure to get your Guardian Cube by May 30, 2023 before it disappears!

Patch Notes

  • Our announcements have a brand new look to them! Not only will it have that new Skeld smell, but you’ll have the ability to see past announcements we’ve posted in case you want to see what happened in prior updates!
  • ‘Freeplay’ is now called ‘Practice’
  • New updated player report and pet petting icons
  • Pets no longer give away an Engineer’s position when venting
  • Guardian Angel can no longer protect Crewmates while comms are sabotaged
  • Shapeshifters no longer get banned from match when attempting to shift into player who has left the match
  • Shapeshifters are no longer considered Crewmate Ghosts in matches with 2 or more Impostors
  • The first ejected Impostor now becomes a Ghost Impostor, rather than a Ghost Crewmate
  • Crewmates are able to win a match by completing tasks even after the first Impostor is ejected in a 2+ Impostor match
  • Players are now unable to see players jumping out of vents and teleporting to the Cafeteria when Emergency Meeting is called
  • Polus – The upper and lower horizontal doors for decontamination can now be opened Admin now shows location of dead bodies

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