A new tankobon that collects chapters of the Mega Man Battle Network manga has been announced for Japan, and it’s set to launch sometime in April 2023. This release is titled Mega Man Battle Network New Stories 2023. For those who don’t know, a tankobon is a book that is not part of an anthology or corpus, and also describes individual volumes of a manga series.

Mega Man Battle Network New Stories 2023 will feature various chapters from the original Mega Man Battle Network manga that ran in Monthly CoroCoro Comic, along with some new stories. Here’s the chapter breakdown for this release.

  • Lan Gets Amnesia?
  • Operation: Make Rock & Roll Friends Again
  • Fear! Uncover the Secret of Phantom Isle
  • Proto Man Runs Away From Home
  • Hanayashiki Mission 2: Destroy The Cause of The Rampaging Panda Car!
Thanks to Olivia for the heads up!

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