Let’s be clear right from the start. There is no official word on a Dead by Daylight TV show being in the pipeline. Yes, there is a desire from fans to see that happen, but nothing has been announced. Now, could it ever happen and have those talks come about? Behaviour Interactive isn’t willing to come clean.

In an interview with, Dead by Daylight game director and Behaviour’s head of partnerships Mathieu Côté was flat-out asked about a Dead by Daylight TV show or anime. His response is an interesting one, as it seems like he’s holding back. You can read the full response below and decide for yourself.

I wish I could tell you. I really wish I could give you a date or a timetable. I’ve got the popcorn ready, it’s over there. You’re absolutely right. I would love to be able to do that. Let’s say if I just scroll out and zoom out from this for a little bit. Like me, I’m sure you’ve seen more and more adaptations of video game universes being done as movies or series – especially series, like with The Witcher and Arcane, and now The Last of Us that’s playing – there’s a hunger for that. And fortunately for us, there is more and more of an understanding of the value and an understanding of the form in the people who are the TV and whatever, the movie industry. These people are getting a bigger understanding of that. There’s a bit more of a sensibility to the stories that we tell, what a good adaptation can look like. But yeah, that’s all I can say at this point.

[Dead by Daylight game director and Behaviour's head of partnerships Mathieu Côté]

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