Microsoft is yet to officially ink their deal to acquire Activision Blizzard, and it’s likely the negotiations for that purchase will go on for months to come. While Microsoft works to make that happen, they’re more than happy to talk about plans for Call of Duty should the deal get finalized.

In yet another statement from Microsoft, CEO and Xbox boss Phil Spencer talked about what Nintendo fans can expect from the Call of Duty franchise, and it’s not going to be a half-assed port.

“We expect to hit a certain level of quality on all of those games…so that’s our goal, and the same thing on PC and the same thing on Nintendo. So when we say available everywhere or not exclusive, we want to make absolutely the best version of Call of Duty on any of those platforms.”

“…It’s not about a skin on a gun, it’s about a certain mode of the game, the same version will be available on all platforms. If you’re a Minecraft player on PlayStation I don’t think you feel like you have the lesser version…we want to make sure those players feel like they have a great experience on the platform they choose to play on.”

[Microsoft CEO and Xbox boss Phil Spencer]

All this talk is great to hear, but it’s just talk for now. Should the deal go through, we’ll see if Microsoft stays true to their word.

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The only way CoD would be mostly parity for Switch is if it unfortunately was a cloud version. Otherwise as long as Nintendo sits on their next console, CoD on Nintendo won't have parity on visuals and won't have crossplay support either (as in Switch players won't be able to play with Xbox, PC, and PS players).

The only chance I can see crossplay working is if Microsoft has a Nintendo version made first and then multiplatform that instead of scaling down the PS/PC/Xbox version or building two separate versions (one Nintendo, one PC/PS/Xbox).

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Nintendo historically has never been good at getting that parity. Even their best selling consoles never get those best selling games that western studios release elsewhere.

Take Witcher 3. It never came to the Wii or Wii U but it came on the Switch. And as of this comment we still haven't seen GTA V on Switch and its unlikely to be ported on their next gen console.

This isn't all bad news however since Nintendo's first party games and their eastern third party parity more than make up for this.


1+ y ago

I guess we have wonder what they mean by "parity"... Worse graphics and framerate, but still having all the same features?

I don't think it matters, though. Switch owners know they're trading graphics for portability when they buy a game on Switch. MS/Activision just need to make sure they're giving Switch owners a game that's worth the price.


1+ y ago


Regarding GTA, GTA Trilogy was a litmus test for Nintendo, but Grove Street completely botched it so Take-Two has a free claim to not support Nintendo with GTA ever again.

Pick your favorite excuse:
1) Nintendo platforms are too weak for GTA.
2) Nintendo platforms are too kiddy for GTA.