Developer/publisher Sungrand has announced that they’re bringing Silver Falls Gaiden: Deathly Delusion Destroyers to the 3DS on March 9th, 2023. There’s no word on file size or pricing at this time.

People have been going missing recently in the forests surrounding a quiet mountain town. Hikers, hunters, and fishers from out of town seem unaware of something sinister lurking in the shadows of Silver Falls. Gus Ironcock is a contented delivery driver whose world is turned upside down when the most important person in his life becomes one of the numbers of people who have disappeared into the forest.

Gaiden Deathly Delusion Destroyers is a Battle RPG in which players can enjoy a deeply complex character customization and battle system without getting lost in a massive environment to traverse and explore. Story events take place after completing missions, ensuring players don’t get lost even if they’ve taken a break in between play sessions.

TWO games in one, Gaiden Deathly Delusion Destroyers comes packaged with Ruby River.

Ruby River is an Open World Survival and Crafting experience. Enjoy life at a slower pace and explore a massive environment. Enjoy a relaxing stroll through the forest during the day time. Harvest materials from trees, bushes, and anything you can find. Collect crafting materials to create weapons and armor. Find and hunt for ingredients to cook dozens of different unique dishes.

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1+ y ago

What is this guy hoping to accomplish? Just to be able to say he released the final 3DS eShop title?

When the first Silver Falls game released, he had uploaded a YouTube video practically in tears because he had put so much time into making it but nobody was buying it. Well, I'm sure less people are buying 3DS games now than in 2020. Though these follow up Silver Falls games look like less time and money are going into them than the original at least.

And..."Gus Ironcock", really...? Ah, who am I kidding? If this had released when I was 12 years old I'd have probably bought it for that reason alone and then died laughing the first time his name appeared on screen.