Back in October, Gamuzumi, the developers of the NSFW shoot’em arcade game Hot Tentacles Shooter, reported that Nintendo declined the release of their game on Switch due to a new policy. Apparently, uncensored bare breasts would no longer be allowed to be in games on the eShop, as according to Nintendo “obscene content could damage the brand.” Hot Tentacles Shooter was later released for Switch, but nudity was censored to appease guidelines.

Nintendo has had a much more lenient stance on censorship than Microsoft and Sony since the launch of the Switch, allowing games with nudity, specifically bare breasts, to be uncensored, unlike their competition. This was, of course, until the alleged policy change.

However, the unexpected release of a recent eShop title suggests that this policy has either been scrapped by Nintendo, never existed to begin with, or something somehow slipped through the cracks.

Hentai World, an M-rated puzzle game from publisher RedDeerGames, saw release for Switch on February 24th, 2023. After stumbling across it on sale for just $2 while browsing on the eShop, it seemed like the perfect opportunity (for science) to find out if the recent rumors were true, because if any game is gonna have uncensored nudity in it, it’s one that’s called “Hentai World.”

Sure enough, within the first 5 minutes of its very basic tile-sliding puzzle gameplay, bare breasts, complete with uncensored nipples, clearly appeared on the OLED screen of my Nintendo Switch.

There are more games with uncensored nudity floating around the eShop, but many of them released prior to October 2022, when the “ban” was initially reported. Hentai World is the first game we’ve seen pop up after the fact though, confirming that Nintendo might not be quite as strict with the boobies as we thought they were.

While I’m unable to verify, as I refuse to add another one of these games to my purchase history, Hentai: Japanese Goblins from publisher Big Way, released on February 27th, 2023, also seems like a good candidate for uncensored nudity based on its title alone. If Nintendo doesn’t crack down again, I’m sure there will be plenty more explicit games released on the eShop in the near future.

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1+ y ago

We assume companies have consistent policies, but with all the different staff overseeing things there are times when the right nipple doesn’t know what the left nipple is doing.


1+ y ago


Also Nintendo only tends to uphold what laws the various governments require + what the software rating boards (CERO, ESRB, etc.) require. If a game doesn't break a region's laws or isn't condemned as an adult game by rating agencies, Nintendo shouldn't be blocking anything from sale (though NoA forgets this lesson time and time again).


1+ y ago

"...or something somehow slipped through the cracks." I see what you did there.

I encourage you to just go all out and download all the hentai games and put them neatly in a group. The fun will never stop.


1+ y ago

The game is literally called Hentai Hero. I duobt that Nintendo didn't check the game twice before giving their OK.