If you are old enough or a fan of Nintendo media, you are probably familiar with Nintendo Power, the long lasting official Nintendo magazine. However, were you familiar with its Latin American cousin, Club Nintendo? If you are latino like me, then you probably did know about them and you know how beloved it was for us Nintendo fans, especially since, when the magazine was at its peak, Nintendo didn’t have much of a presence in the territory.

Just like Nintendo Power, Club Nintendo stopped being published a few years ago, but if you ever missed reading through those magazines or if you wanted to learn how Nintendo was advertised in different countries, we have the best next thing!


Scribd is an e-book and audiobook subscription service that includes tons of titles. It’s an open publishing platform and as such, users have uploaded full scans of many of Club Nintendo’s magazines, ranging from the very first prints, to the most recent ones.

Finding these magazines online can sometimes be a hassle, and maybe you didn’t know this was available as a service. If you are a user of e-books or audiobooks, then this can be the perfect thing for you! Scribd even offer a free trial in case you are curious enough just to take a peek into these pieces of history

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