Regista has announced that they’re bringing WHY I was Born to the Switch on March 9th, 2023. While the totally will normally be priced at $10, there’s currently a 22% discount until March 22nd, 2023, making it just $7.79. WHY I was Born takes up 1.3 GB of space.

Born without meaning, just rolling through life…WHY I was Born is an action-adventure ball game where you discover the meaning to life!

This game takes place in the memories of an ordinary man where you control a ball and explore various aspects of his past. Visit his childhood park, his school, his first apartment, his part-time and full-time workplace, and so on. Find the meaning to his life by experiencing his life events, such as leaving his family, loneliness, society and interpersonal relationships, and more.

The game is separated into action stages and adventure stages. It also contains both puzzle and horror elements. Some stages imitate reality, while others are more nightmarish…

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