Sushi decor Pikmin arrive in Pikmin Bloom

I'll take one Spring Roll Pikmin, please

07 April 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The weirdest/best part of Pikmin Bloom might be the different ‘decor’ that Pikmin can wear. You can only snag these decor outfits by collecting Pikmin from very specific locations, and now another themed Pikmin is wandering about.

New “Sushi” decor Pikmin have been added to Pikmin Bloom this month, and you can find them by visiting real-life sushi restaurants. Head to your favorite sushi joint and you’ll hopefully find a Pikmin seed while you’re there. Plop that baby in your planter, and soon enough, your Sushi Pikmin will bloom!

Please note that you have to be running Version 41 of Pikmin Bloom to have a chance of finding Sushi Pikmin.

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