Developer Vincenzo Cosentino and publisher CVi Games have released Ala Mobile on Switch today. The game is priced at $15 and takes up 323 MB of space.

Ala Mobile is an open-wheel racing game in which you will race against 19 rivals on the most famous tracks around the world. Driving skills are not enough: learn how to manage the hybrid component of your engine, plan a winning strategy and adapt to different weather conditions.

Here are the features you can expect to find in Ala Mobile.

  • Single player and Online multiplayer modes;
  • Real tracks from all over the world, reconstructed with high-fidelity;
  • Variable and random weather;
  • 10 different cars, each with it’s own power, reliability and handling features;
  • 5 different tires compound, each with it’s pros and cons;
  • Fully animated pit stops;
  • Powerful livery editor for designing your own car;
  • Engine Hybrid management system;
  • Drag reduction system;
  • Cars damages and failures;
  • Slipstream physics;
  • Accurate vehicle dynamics;
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