Some previously-teased features and a lot more are soon coming to Temtem. The developers behind the game have shared a detailed look at the game’s Ver. 1.3.0 update, and it’s set to launch on March 13th.

While developer Crema hasn’t shared the official patch notes for Version 1.3.0, they have put together an extensive look at the many features and elements that will be introduced in the update. You can see that complete breakdown below.

Challenge Mode

Have you ever considered Temtem to be tough? Yeah, me too. But what if we managed to make it even harder? The new Challenge Modes are here to add a new layer of complexity for those who love a good challenge, extreme limitations, and a taste of pure randomness.

These challenge modes will run on a different server, and have a different save slot. You will not be risking your 3-year-old Lumas in the Nuzlocke mode, not any Luma, for that matter: there won’t be Lumas in the Challenge modes. There won’t be trades, either.

You can only have one challenge run active at any given time, so you’ll have to finish or abandon your current one if you want to try another mode. There’s no cooldown or restriction of any sort, so you’ll be able to drop and restart a Challenge run anytime you want to.

You’ll be able to co-op through the Challenge modes, although be aware there will be limitations, like a limit to Tamer Level difference, and you won’t be able to switch between Co-op and solo once you start a run in Nuzlocke and Randomlocke mode. Rules will adapt slightly for the Co-op version.

Completing these challenges will grant you really neat and exclusive rewards for your main save slot, the one you normally play on. Except for the rewards, you won’t be able to share anything between your main save and the challenge run.


The Nuzlocke mode imposes heavy and hardcore rules on the player. You only get to catch the first 2 Temtem you see per route (1 Temtem each if you’re playing Co-op!), and any Tems that faint during your adventure will be released after the battle. Tems you catch won’t have any fertility left, so no breeding, and you can lose the run if all your Tems are KO’ed.

We’ve of course tweaked some previously impossible battles, so it really will be a matter of skill!


Chaos? We like chaos. Almost anything that can be random will be random in the Randomlocke mode, which shares the rules of the Nuzlocke mode. From Temtem (including your starters and quest-obtained Tems!), to Techniques, items gathered around the world, NPC squads, untamed encounters… The only few things that will remain as they naturally are (for mostly technical reasons) will be Temtem species, with their stats and evolutionary lines, their Traits, and Gears. This way, Tems will remain part of their identity even in this chaotic Challenge mode.


In Speedrun mode your goal will be to clear the game as fast as possible. There will be a timer for sections, one for each island, and a general timer; that will be visible at all times. Loading times won’t be counted, and the game will skip anything and everything that can be skipped, but you’ll still have to battle your way through the entire story. If you manage to beat the game before the time goal, you’ll be in for some sweet and speedy rewards in your main save slot. Can you beat the clock, Tamers?

Challenge modes will be covered in-depth in the patch notes and corresponding post on the update, so stay tuned for that for all the details!

A new area: Nanto Labs

The door of Nanto Labs will open to all curious Tamers in 1.3! Inside, you will be able to exchange your Lumas for a very sus new currency, called Luma Drops.

The amount of Luma Drops you’ll receive for each Luma will depend on the Temtem species, and whether or not you’re the OT for them, or are soulbound to them. The more you want, the more you have to sacrifice: such are the laws of equivalent exchange.

A new currency: Luma Drops

If you’re one of the like 6 Tamers that have more Lumas than they want, 1.3 is the update for you. Exchange your Lumas for Luma Drops, which in turn can be used in a brand new shop to purchase previously un-purchasable items, like the special Dyes that used to be in the shop, and more TemCardX. We’ll continue adding stock to the Luma Drop shop in future updates.

Season 2 Ranked Rewards

Take a look at all the flashing new rewards for Ranked performance this Season 2, sword-themed to match the Medieval vibe of Days of Yore! These rewards will be given out when Season 2 ends and Season 3 begins, expectedly on March 6h, so you still have time to grind the ladder if you want to aim a bit higher!

Remember that you’ll obtain a title that displays the highest rank you achieved, a seal for each rank you achieved, and a banner for each rank you achieved; also remember you need to have won 10 games in a rank to be considered part of it.

And the seals, too!

As with every change of season, TMR will be soft-reset once Season 2 ends. This means your TMR won’t fall to 0 or to 1000, but rather to a middle point between your TMR at the moment and 1000.

A new Season

Of course, new patch and new Season go hand in hand whenever possible! Days of Yore comes to an end, and gives way to Season 3, called Clash of Tamers. With it, a new Tamer Pass full of new cosmetic surprises, mounts and emotes, and a heap of new items in the Premium shop.

Can you guess what this new season will be about?

And more!

This is but an appetizer, you know there’s always more! We’ve balanced the price of some items, tweaked the rewards in some Tamer’s Paradise activities, improved performance on the Switch a bit more, sprinkled a few new items and NPCs here and there, balanced a lot of Tems, Techs and Traits, and, of course, fixed over 60 bugs.


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