Octopath Traveler II is the follow-up to the hugely-successful Octopath Traveler, the game that introduced the HD-2D style. Following such a big hit is no easy task, and Square Enix certainly felt the pressure during the development of Ocstopath Traveler II.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, producer Masashi Takahashi spoke about the challenge of finding ways to follow up the original title while expanding on the ideas, and hopefully making a better experience overall.

We were absolutely delighted that the first Octopath Traveler was a big hit and so many people played it! Although we were very grateful for that success, it honestly did put a lot of pressure on us in terms of the second game. When we released the original Octopath Traveler, I said that it was “a battle against people’s memories of pixel games they had played in the past”, but this time round it was very much a battle against the first game that we created. We aimed to evolve the formula rather than change it, keeping as much of what people liked from the first game as possible and trying to fully realise all the things that we were unable to do in it.

[Masashi Takahashi, producer]

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1y ago

I hear that this is actually, in some ways, better than the first game. That's a pretty damn good achievment.