The Roma-based indie games publisher and developer Fantastico Studio and Milan-based indie games developer We Are Muesli (Claudia Molinari and Matteo Pozzi), today announced with great excitement and happiness that their co-op action-puzzle game “Siheyuan“, is coming to Switch in July 2023.

After years of globetrotting as a playful multiplayer installation, Siheyuan is finally coming Switch thanks to Fantastico Studio, which will take care of publishing the title.

The goal of “Siheyuan” is simple, but far from easy: to place the falling tiles in the matching color slots of the central grid(s). Juggle tiles between the 4 game areas in single-player mode, or pass them to your friends in multiplayer mode (up to 4P), talking, collaborating, and sharing (or shouting) your strategy.

The full game features:

  • 13 different levels to unlock;
  • 2 distinct control modes suiting to your favorite playstyle;
  • 13 special modifiers, changing the game’s pace from meditative to hectic;
  • unique minimalistic abstract design inspired by Chinese traditional architecture, color theory, opera, and tabletop games.

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