Nintendo has dabbled with live-action commercials for their franchises over the years, some hits and some misses. One franchise that always seems better suited to live-action commercials is Metroid, which is probably why Nintendo went live-action for Metroid Fusion. For those who didn’t see or remember, you can watch the original Metroid Fusion commercial above.

Now that Metroid Fusion is coming to Switch later this week, people are digging through classic content to see what they can come up with. That’s resulted in the upload of a director’s cut of the Metroid Fusion commercial, which is not only in HD, but includes footage not found in the original commercial. You can see that spot below.

While this spot may come across extra cheesy nowadays, it’s still a pretty neat discovery. Makes you wonder if Nintendo will go live-action with the inevitable commercial for Metroid Prime 4!

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1+ y ago

Neat, now if only they made the Fusion suit available in Metroid Prime Remastered like in the original game....