Have you been looking to snag some Super Mario amiibo that you missed the first time around? While this line has been hard to find since its initial launch, Nintendo has just surprised fans by sending fresh shipments to retailers here in North America.

For those interested, both Best Buy and Target have restocks on the Super Mario amiibo line. Both Best Buy and Target are offering Bowser, Donkey Kong, Mario and Peach, while Target is also selling their exclusive Luigi amiibo.

This amiibo replenishment is sure to go quickly, especially with Mar10 Day approaching quickly. Grab these online or head to Best Buy/Target in person and pick these up for $16 a pop.

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25d ago

Any chance of a Wario restock? That was the one that got away for me.


24d ago

I need Wario, Donkey Kong, and Boo from this set.

I imagine not. They seem to have picked characters from the movie only. Surprised Toad isn't on the list too though.


24d ago


I managed to pick a DK up from Target via in store pickup already. Might as well try if that, because that one was getting pricey before this restock.


24d ago

I'm still holding out for Boo, Goomba and Koopa set to get a re-stock someday. Maybe I should just ebay them before they become more expensive.


24d ago

I got them all the first time around.