Nintendo revealed their plans for Mario Day a few days back, and they’ve got plenty up their sleeves. We also learned that Nintendo’s partners have some plans in the works, and the gang at LEGO continues to tease their projects.

LEGO took to Twitter to share a few more images showing off their preparations for Mario Day. According to LEGO’s Tweet, Mario fans can expect “big updates and even bigger reveals.” All of this will be shown in a special YouTube video that will launch on March 10th, 2023.

There are sure to be new details on projects we already know are in the works, but it sure seems like there could be some new reveals as well. Whatever ends up featured, we’ll make sure to bring you all the details.


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1y ago

I still haven’t assembled LEGO Bowser. My wallet hopes they don’t reveal a big Peach’s Castle set.


1y ago


I personally don't see a castle set coming, as much as I'd like it. They seem to be avoiding both any overlap with their playsets and anything that would have Minifigures. I imagine it will be another thing that subverts expectations like a scale standard kart from MK or...yeah that's really the only guess I got hahaha


1y ago


It could be done like the Super Mario 64 Question Block set where Mario, Peach, Yoshi and Bowser are included but not minifigs. One can hope.