The cover for the latest issue of Game Informer has been revealed, and it’s a back-to-front wrap for the upcoming RPG, Sea of Stars. You can see the full cover art from this brand-new image above. That’s the cover you’ll get if you snag Game Informer in stores, but there’s also a limited Game Informer Gold option available, which comes with this cover.


For this issue, Game Informer played Sea of Stars’ opening eight hours and spoke with the team’s creative director, artists, and sound designer and composer (as well as Chrono Trigger composer, Yasunori Mitsuda who is contributing music to the game!) about bringing its fantasy world to life and living up to the quality of the games that inspired it.

Alongside the cover story for Sea of Stars, issue 354 also features a massive spread of 30 indie games, making it a can’t-miss issue for indie game fans.

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