Super Nintendo World has been up-and-running at Universal Studios Japan for awhile, with the Hollywood version opening its doors just a couple of weeks back. Park-goers can enjoy all sorts of fun through the Mario Kart AR ride and more, but another big attraction is in the works.

Both Super Nintendo World in Japan and Orlando (opening at a later date) will give fans a chance to check out Donkey Kong Mine Cart Madness, a rollercoaster-esque ride that aims to recreate the crazy minecart action of multiple Donkey Kong Country games. While the ride’s opening is still a long way off, today brings us some new concept art for the idea.

Construction on this ride is actually underway at Universal Studios Japan right now, which includes a whole new portion of the park for visitors to explore. Outside of enjoying the Donkey Kong Mine Cart Madness ride itself, those at the park will be able to explore a Donkey Kong-influenced area, complete with various characters from the franchise hanging out for meet-and-greet sessions.

That’s all the info we have for Donkey Kong Mine Cart Madness right now, but we’ll bring you the next round of details as soon as they’re shared.

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1y ago

Props to the designers if they really do go with a real cannon and there are no tracks hidden by the waterfall :D I can see lawyers hyperventitaling about something like that.


1y ago

Hopefully the US parks can EXPAND to include this.


1y ago

God I hope the meet and greet sections consist of more than just DK and Diddy. Let's Go deeper like Funky, Dixie, Cranky, K.Rool.