A new cockroach species has been discovered in Singapore, and Entomologist Foo Maosheng has given it a name Pokemon fans will no doubt recognize.

The species of cockroach (seen above) is now called Pheromosa, named the same as the Pokémon that appeared in the seventh generation of games. Maosheng was asked why they went with a Pokemon name for the cockroach, and they responded with a very straightforward reason.

“Both my collaborator and I are Pokemon fans, so we thought, why not name it after a Pokemon inspired by a cockroach.”

[Entomologist Foo Maosheng]

In terms of Pokémon, Pheromosa is a life-form that lives in another world, and it has a thin and supple body. Pheromosa possesses great power, but we’re pretty sure the cockroach of the same name isn’t anywhere near as strong!

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