Vanillaware has been making absolutely gorgeous, enthralling games for two decades now, and the company is celebrating this milestone with some fantastic merch.

The most impressive piece of merch being sold for the 20th anniversary is the Vanillaware Official Art Book -Assortment of VANILLA-. The book is set to release in Japan on June 30th, 2023, and is priced at roughly $96. Ebten is offering all sorts of pre-order goodies to go along with this book, including a B3-sized wall scroll, a tote bag featuring Vanilla Boy, the studio mascot, key chains featuring the logos used by the studio, and a laser-engraved “3D crystal” that shows Vanilla boy.

There’s a host of other goodies in the works as well, which you can see a breakdown for below.

  • framed reproductions of key illustrations from various Vanillaware titles
  • tote bags
  • acrylic standees
  • soundtracks
  • apparel
  • bags
  • teacups

If you want to get a closer look at all of these items, you can find a huge gallery of pictures here.

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