Limited Run Games has revealed not one, but two different Switch games that are getting physical releases in the near future.

First up is KUNG FURY: Street Rage - Ultimate Edition (seen above), which comes in two versions. You can get the standard release, which is priced at $40 and gets you a game card and physical game box. If you go with the Ultimate Edition, you’ll have to cough up $55, but you’ll get a physical CD soundtrack as well. You’ll be able to pre-order either version starting March 17th, 2023.


Along with that, Limited Run Games revealed a physical release for Monster Train: First Class. This title is priced at $40, which gets you a game card and physical game box. Please note that this is not a numbered release, and thus is not a part of the Limited Run Games Collection. LRG are distributing this title on behalf of Good Shepherd. Pre-orders open for this game on March 14th, 2023.

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