As we mentioned earlier in the week, the latest issue of Famitsu magazine included a new look at Ys X: Nordics, which is slated to arrive on Switch sometime in 2023. We’ve already seen a few screens from that feature, but now we have a full breakdown of details as well.

In particular, the Famitsu feature shares insight into the ‘Cross Action’ battle system, along with profiles for Adol Christin and Carja Varta. You can see a new round of screens from the feature here, and the information rundown below via a translation from Gematsu.

Adol Christin (voiced by Yuki Kaji)

  • Age: 17
  • Weapon: One-Handed Sword

The protagonist. An extraordinary adventurer with fiery red hair and clear eyes full of curiosity, who left behind more than 100 adventure journals for posterity. At age 17, he left Esteria, the land of his first adventure, and was said to have headed toward the land of Celceta. But according to one of the adventure journals discovered at his childhood home, “The Northerners’ Lost Paradise,” he stopped off at Obelia Bay with Dogi, a former thief.

Carja Varta (voiced by ???)

  • Age: 17
  • Weapon: Hatchet and Round Shield

The only daughter of Grimmson, leader of the Varta Navy. She is feared by the residents of Karnack as the “Pirate Princess,” who see her as she proudly leads a gang of maritime miscreants in pirate activities. While she has elegant features, she wields a hatchet and round shield in battle, and showcases a rough, brutal fighting style typical of the Norman people.

■ “Cross Action”: A New System in Which Players Switch Between “Solo Mode” and “Combination Mode”

Solo Mode: For Speed and Consecutive Attacks

In Solo Mode, you can fight as either Adol or Carja. (Your partner will be controlled by AI.) You can switch between the player character at any time during battle with the press of a button.

Speed-oriented combat that utilizes step and dash-based movement is the core component of Solo Mode. In addition to unleashing various skill attacks with Adol and Carja, the player can switch between characters mid-attack to trigger a partner cut-in attack, making it possible to drive into the enemy with consecutive attacks that leave them no opportunity to strike back.

Additionally, the speed attacks (attacks with a blue aura) unleashed by some enemies can be automatically dodged with Solo Mode’s dash. You can deploy technical actions, such as dealing damage by unleashing a counter attack from an automatic dodge that hits surrounding enemies.

Combination Mode: For Power, Offense, and Defense

In Combination Mode, you fight as both Adol and Carja at the same time. (You can switch from Solo Mode to Combination Mode by pressing a dedicated button.)

While Combination Mode allows you to deal more damage thanks to the many simultaneous attacks that you can unleash, standard movement and dash speed are significantly reduced.

To make up for your reduced speed, “Guard” is available as a dedicated action. By guarding against enemy attacks, your “Revenge Gauge” will increase, and activating Combination Mode-exclusive skills in this state will fill the Revenge Gauge and allow you to deal greater damage.

Additionally, the power attacks (attacks with a red aura) unleashed by some enemies can be repelled with Combination Mode’s just guard. This will cause the enemy to significantly lose balance, creating an opening for a burst of attacks.

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