Happy’s Humble Burger Farm, from developer Scythe Dev Team and publisher tinyBuild, is out now for Nintendo Switch. You can visit the eShop page to purchase the horror-adventure cooking sim, priced at $19.99 USD. Check out more details below via the press release.

Fulfill customer orders as the new night shift manager at Happy’s Humble Burger Farm. Fire up the grill, cook putrid puke patty burgers, remove rats (alive or dead) from the premises, and maintain the restaurant’s top-notch customer service. Fail to fulfill management duties though, and Happy the Humble Heifer will turn horrific.

Happy and her Barnyard Buds may act as lovable mascots for the restaurant, but once the lights go off, there’s no escaping their wrath. Keep the place clean by unclogging toilets, deter otherworldly entities from disrupting the customer experience, and survive enough nights to uncover the dark secrets of the restaurant’s hometown, New Elysian City.

Search every inch of the mysterious metropolis to regain lost memories and unravel a conspiracy theory extending beyond the burger joint to include the largest corporations in town. Collect hidden tapes and scattered research papers, check out the seemingly abandoned buildings and empty corners, and tune into local television and radio stations to dig deep into the New Elysian’s unseen abominations.

Survive Petey the Portly Pig’s burger grenades, escape Sammy the Surly Salmon’s killer jaws, dodge Charlie the Chillin’ Chicken’s explosive eggs doubling as land mines, and don’t ever touch The Farmer’s scythe if you plan to survive.

Nothing is as it seems in this menacing municipality inspired by classic horror titles. Happy’s Humble Burger Farm features ‘90s style graphics reminiscent of the 32-Bit era. The immersive psychological experience features hours of talk radio, more than 60 TV programs, and an enhanced chilling soundtrack with nine exclusive albums that has captivated burger flippers across the world.

“Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is unlike anything we’ve ever played, amalgamating the best elements of genres that are polar opposites,” said Kaleb Alfadda, Lead Programmer. “We hope Happy the Humble Heifer, Petey the Portly Pig, and the other gruesome Barnyard Buds will keep the night shift on the edge of their seats.”


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